The Century Club

Century Club Members

Mr. and Mrs. Alec Taylor P'16

Mr. Vincent Falcone

Mr. Robert E. McAllan '64

Mr. Vincent Forlenza '71

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kathleen Mullarkey Scotto '77 P '06 '08 '11 '13

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chinery P '11 '13 '19 '21

Mr. and Mrs. James Hickey P '19 '21

Mr. James Reilly and Mrs. Jill McWeeney Reilly '65 GP '18 '20 '23

Mr. Fro Heine '80 and Mrs. Kathy Heine P '08 '11 '17

Ms. Kate Ballou '79

Mr. Philip Forlenza '77 and Mrs. Clare Forlenza P '10 '12 '15 '19

Mr. John Tonero, Principal of St. Rose (17-22)

Mr. Jason Martin '93

Mr. Brian Hatfield '94 and Mrs. Christine Reynolds Hatfield '92 P '21

Mr. Robert Harms & Mrs. Judith Jackson Harms '87 P '17 '19 '20

Mr. and Mrs. John O'Malley P '13 '15 '17

Mrs. Bernadette Muller Broccolo '73

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jennings P '21

Ms. Kaitlin Briscoe '01

Mrs. Janet Brown Quintal '66

Anonymous, '63

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. King P'14

Mr. Robert Heine '70

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Oliver P '15 '21

Mr. Patrick Dwyer '86 and Mrs. Jeanne Dwyer P '20 '21

Mr. Patrick Housen '85 and Mrs. Patricia Housen P '21

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaffney P '88

Mr. Philip Schneider, Jr. '50

Mr. Louis J. Carr, Jr. 1957

Mr. Peter Forlenza 1984

Mr. James Bromley '82 and Mrs. Kristina Newman Bromley '82

The Annitto Family

Mr. Kevin Bormida '83 and Mrs. Claire Loftus Bormida '84 

Mr. Robert Heine '70

Mr. David Valiaveedan and Dr. Kathleen Dowling P '15 '21

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fitzmaurice P '23

The Inderwies Family S '23 '24

Steve '86 and Monica Westhoven P '15 '16 '22

The Magrini Family P' 18 '20 '23

Mr. Vincent Gifford '59

Mrs. Mary Ann Gately

Susan and Richard '77 Hope P '21 '22

Teresa, Diana, Stephanie and Peter '63 Smith

Mr. Christopher Housen '82 and Mrs. Amanda Housen '83

The response to our Century Club initiative has been very positive. Already, through the generosity and leadership of Century Club members, St. Rose has been able to upgrade our technology infrastructure, improve facilities, expand academic and athletic programs and help deserving students attend St. Rose.

Pledges have already been received from many others for this important initiative, with more people signing up each day. At present, Century Club gifts total over $1,000,000.00.

Join them!

Century Club Conversations


We want to talk to individuals and families who are committed to the success of St. Rose. For more information, and to schedule a conversation, please call Kerry Carr at 732-681-2858, ext. 707 or email her directly.


As St. Rose approaches our 100th anniversary, it is time for leadership. If you believe in our mission, and in the future of St. Rose, now is the time to step forward. Members of The Century Club have invested their financial support to usher our school into the next hundred years. For information on how you can become a member of The Century Club, please contact Kerry Carr in The Advancement Office at 732-681-2858, ext. 707.



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