Endowed Scholarships and Awards

At. St. Rose we believe that every child deserves the best possible education, and with the support of dedicated alumni and friends, we are trying to make that happen. As part of our mission to bring the values of Catholic education to every student, St. Rose has established, with the generous help of alumni, several endowed funds and awards. These important initiatives are vital in helping families and students with tuition assistance, and are an important aspect of our admission and enrollment efforts.

In addition to these named scholarships and awards, donations to general financial aid can be made through the St. Rose Annual Fund. If you are interested in supporting a specific scholarship or award, or creating a new opportunity for students, please contact Nancy McGaughan for more information.


The Heine Family Scholarship

The Heine Family Scholarship will award $1,000.00 in tuition assistance every year to an incoming student who shows demonstrated financial need. This assistance will continue each year the student is enrolled at St. Rose High School thus enabling St. Rose High School to attract economically disadvantaged young people who have outstanding academic and leadership potential and significant need for financial assistance. Scholarship recipients are selected jointly by the admission and financial aid committees. Recipients must demonstrate financial need by completing the financial aid process.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Scholarship

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Scholarship will be a $1,000 grant awarded to an incoming freshman. This scholarship will be determined by the Admissions Department in collaboration with the Finance Office and will be awarded during the admission process.

The Lisa Gaffney Memorial Fund

Established in loving memory of Lisa Gaffney ’88 to honor and celebrate her life after her sudden and untimely passing, this fund has helped students in need of tuition assistance for thirty years. Lisa’s family, friends and classmates have contributed approximately $250,000.00 to help with financial aid as well as with other projects necessary for the success of St. Rose High School.

The Jimmy Murphy Scholarship

The Jimmy Murphy Scholarship for an incoming St. Rose High School student was established in 2017 by the family of Jimmy Murphy ’84 who perished on September 11, 2001.To honor his memory, a $1,000 tuition grant will be awarded to a St. Catharine Grammar School graduate who has enrolled at St. Rose High School. This grant will continue for each of the four years he/she is a student at St. Rose High School.The selected student is required to demonstrate financial need and exemplify a Catholic spirit. The student must be in good academic standing, and show an interest in extracurricular activities.This scholarship will be awarded to a new student every four years.


The Alexander Aimette Award

The Alexander Aimette Award is an academic award of $500 given to one student in each grade for highest academic achievement, and to one student in each grade for the most improved GPA.The Alexander Aimette Award was started with donation by St. Rose parishioner, Dr. Alexander Aimette.

The Jane Murphy Cella Award

The Jane Murphy Cella Award will be a $500 tuition grant awarded to a rising senior who has consistently displayed a generosity of spirit, and who has been a role model of kindness and optimism throughout their three years at St. Rose High School. The Jane Murphy Cella Award was initiated by the Class of 1974 after the sudden and untimely passing of their beloved classmate, Jane Murphy Cella.

The Timothy Hauser Award

The Timothy D. Hauser Award will be a $500 tutitiopn grant awarded to a rising sophomore who has consistently displayed good character and who has a special talent and interest in music. This award was initiated by members of the Class of 1959 after the untimely passing of their classmate Timothy Hauser in order to continue his legacy at St. Rose.

The Latin Scholarship

The Latin Scholarship is a one year $500 tuition grant given to a St. Rose student who is enrolled in Latin 4 and who is taking at least one Advanced Placement Course.