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S01E03 - Evans Scholarship 2021 Recipients

Congratulations to Michael Fluhr and Nick Xanthacos who have been awarded Evans Scholarships.

The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for high-achieving caddies. To qualify, caddies must meet the requirements of having a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need, and outstanding character.

Scholarship applications are accepted at the beginning of an applicant’s senior year of high school. 

In 1930, the Western Golf Association and celebrated amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. established the Evans Scholars Foundation. The Foundation’s mission was to provide full tuition and college scholarships to caddies with limited financial means.

The first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University in 1930, and since then, 11,323 outstanding young men and women have graduated as Evans Scholars. This year, there are 1,045 Evans Scholars enrolled at 19 leading universities nationwide.

This year St. Rose High School is proud to announce that Michael Fluhr ’21 and Nick Xanthacos ’21 were named as Evans Scholars. Both young men will be attending Ohio State University. Nick and Michael follow other St. Rose High School Evans Scholars: Nolan Boehmcke ’20, Sean Donohue ’20 and Samantha Boehmcke ’17.

St. Rose High School is proud of the hard work and outstanding character shown by these young people. 

S01E01 - Fields of Excellence


To some it may just look like a patch of grass or a pile of dirt.  But to our next guest, Mr. Mark Fletcher, it’s the backdrop to the story we are writing here at St. Rose.  Please welcome from the Class of 1990, teacher of social studies and Director of our Athletic Fields, Mr. Mark Fletcher.

Mr. Fletcher is our unsung hero, the undefeated MVP, day and night, with the lights low, the fields emptied, he keeps working to make sure our fields are ready and always looking their best.  And that’s why they have been recognized, 7 years in a row and awarded the Fields of Excellence award.

The land at 5114 West Hurley Pond Road in Wall Township was donated by Edward Brown in 1990 after Mr. Brown spoke at the commencement ceremony where Mr. Fletcher was a senior. A decade later, Mr. Fletcher and his green thumb returned to St. Rose and he has worked to elevate the fields and make it what they are today.

These award winning fields are widely considered the nicest natural grass fields in the area. The Edward I. Brown Complex is a large facility that has two soccer fields, a field hockey field and cross country course in the fall, and three lacrosse fields, a baseball and softball field in the spring.



S01E02 - Lindsey Byer US Figure Skating High Development Team

Congratulations to Lindsey Byer for qualifying for the US High Development Team!

She is one of only 30 skaters across the nation who qualified for this opportunity! Congratulations to her coaches as well.

In January of 2020, U.S. Figure Skating launched the National Development Team Camp, a brand new initiative to enhance the skills of their developmental athletes (juvenile through novice).

Participating skaters were given the opportunity to observe the U.S. Championships with officials and other experts. The officials broke down the event's various routines and techniques with the athletes in hopes of motivating them to one day compete at such a level.

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