All our students and faculty have 1-to-1 devices with a suite of educational apps including Google Apps for Education, Schoology, Evernote, Metamoji Notes, textbooks, and many other web-based educational resources.

Additionally, we have several labs around campus where students and faculty can access an assortment of devices, including, Chromebooks, Macbook Airs and HP Laptops.

From the design and creation of robotic arms or weight-bearing bridges to podcasting and video creation, digital learning takes place across the curriculum. Age-appropriate instruction and discussion on responsible digital citizenship take place at every level. The technology team provides support and training across all grades and departments. For information about the technology program, email

The technology infrastructure for learning at St. Rose is powerful, seamless, and invisible while supporting the work of every student, teacher and staff member. Michael Falgares, Director of Technology


Michael P. Falgares
Director of Technology

Nancy Calvetto