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Students Speak

Christian '21

Every time i have a bad day i come to school and the warm welcoming warmth of the family-like atmosphere makes me feel better. I love st rose because st rose loves me.

Jason '18

Working on the portraits for the Syrian kids was a great experience. It was stressful at times but in the end the portraits came out amazing. Drawing the kids brought me to realize that they are happy kids, even though their country is going through a tough time.

Halle '20

I loved the Syrian Portrait Project. I felt that this will make the little girl I drew be very happy. This project made me feel good about myself, and made me feel like it did something great for another person across the world.

Karyn  '18

I loved the experience of representing our school at an nba game and coming together as a team to preform! It was a really fun opportunity and I can speak for the team in saying it was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. I also want to say thank you to our coaches for making it happen, it was a great day!

Madyson '20

While drawing the portraits for the kids in Syria, I felt like I could brighten the kid’s day. Thinking about the situation they live in, I feel so grateful to be here. 

Emma '20

Drawing the Syrian children was a great experience. I felt like I was doing something to make someone elses day which made me extremely happy:) 

Cole '21

The cookies in lunch today were very good.

Samantha '21

Saint Rose is a great school! My teachers are very nice and I have made many new friends here as a freshman. I can’t wait for the next 3 years here at Saint Rose. 

Claire '21

I haven't had a lot of homework recently and I like that so I have time for activities outside of school. 

Nicholas '21

Saint Rose is a great school full of great things and activities.

Amelia '21

Today was a little weird. It started to rain when I was walking to red brick. My clothes got wet and I was really cold. Thanks for reading !!!

Johnny '21

Things are pretty hard here, kinda want to go home and play Xbox but I gotta do algebra homework first... 

Michael '21

I’m really enjoying all my classes. My teachers are very helpful and the classwork is challenging in the right ways. I hope the third quarter will be just as enjoyable, and I think this blog is a great idea.

Joseph '21

Today the french fries in the cafeteria were very good. Me and my friends play ping pong during lunch and it makes lunch and the rest of the day so fun!!

Abigail '21

Saint Rose has many great qualities, but the best thing about this school is the cookies sold during lunch. They are delicious. Also the lady who sells the cookies is super nice :) I recommend chocolate chip cookies btw. 

Matthew '21

I am having a good day today at St. Rose. My classes have been great and everyone is in a good mood. My teachers, just like any day, have helped me learn new things. I am very thankful for my opportunity at St. Rose.