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Health Services

St. Rose High School is dedicated to meeting the health and safety needs of students. Our school nurses' responsibilities include implementation of state mandated programs including immunization surveillance and student health screenings, as well as students immediate health care needs, delivering first aid, and supportive nursing care.

Health Requirements


Physical Examinations

All incoming 9th graders and any student who would like to participate in a sport must have a physical exam. Click here for the physical exam form.

Medication in School

Medication to be given on a regular or “as needed basis” requires a written authorization from your child’s health care provider every school year. This includes Epi-pens, insulin and inhalers, as well as oral medications. Have your child’s health care provider complete the Permission to Medicate and/or Permission to Self-Medicate

Medication that needs to be given for treatment of an acute nature, such as oral antibiotics, requires a note from your health care provider stating the time of day and length of treatment. All medications must be sent to school in the original pharmacy labeled container.

Nurse's Office Location

The Nurse's Office is located next to the Guidance Department on the second floor.