Activities & Clubs

SRHS students are involved! At St. Rose everyone has the opportunity to explore their interests and pursue leadership positions. Our built -in activity period allows time during the school day for clubs and groups to meet so that no one has to choose between being an athlete and a student leader. Everyone matters, and everyone wants you to be involved at St. Rose.

Making a Difference

The Make A Wish Club at St. Rose is just one way students get involved to have an impact. Whether its helping the environment or running a blood drive St. Rose gives students the opportunity to help.

Student Leaders

The Student Council at St. Rose is active in planning events and mobilizing the student body. At St. Rose you can develop leadership skills while having fun.

Taking Ideas to Print

St. Rose students produce a range of publications and media. If you're interested in film, journalism or creative writing, you will find a place to express yourself at St. Rose.