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Course Offering Videos

At St. Rose High School, you have more choices!  With our rotating drop schedule, students can take 4 more electives during their time here.  That means more course offerings. 

Learn more about the offerings for the 2020-2021 school year by watching the departmental videos below.  Remember, not all courses offered are available to all students.  Many have prerequisites that must be met.  If you have any questions, please call our Guidance Department.

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Prints & Imprints

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The PTA Calendar Raffle is on! Download the form here and get in on the fun!

Get Social


    Parade Watching Party

    Join the St. Rose community on Sunday, March 1st to watch the Parade. There's a heated tent, food and drink.

    $20 donation for beverages.

    St. Rose High School Expansion

         St. Rose High School has been a cornerstone in Belmar for almost 100 years. Its presence in the heart of Belmar has helped to create and contribute to a vibrant downtown and St. Rose is committed to being an integral part of Belmar’s future. 

    PTA Calendar Raffle

    Get your Calendar Raffle tickets now...  Fill out the form and send it back to the attention of SRHS PTA. Good Luck!!