S01E07 - The College Collage Project

Director of Advancement, Nancy McGaughan and Alumni Coordinator, Erin O'Brien sit down with Arianna and Michael to showcase their annual College Collage Project.  Started in 2015, the Advancement Department wanted to highlight all of the wonderful colleges and universities are students who achieved 100% acceptance were heading to in the fall.  Working with their favorite photographer, Peter Chollick of Chollick Photography, the College Collage was born.  Each May at the Senior Breakfast, students adorned with their college apparel step in front of the camera for Peter to work his magic.  During the few minutes Peter has with each senior he works quickly to capture the personality of each student.  Then back in his studio the photos are edited and added to a collage which is unveiled at the Baccalaureate Mass and Senior Award night.  

In episode 7 of the "Power of Potential" podcast, Nancy and Erin share the story of how the College Collage started, why students look forward to it, and how the Advancement Department nurtures relationships with alumni after graduation.

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In a future episode, Nancy and Erin will be back to celebrate a huge milestone for their department this year.