S01E05 - AP Art Work of Susanna Testa

On episode 5 of the "Power of Potential" podcast, we welcome teacher of Art, Mrs. Christina Sikorski, and her senior AP Artist, Susanna Testa.  Mrs. Sikorski teaches AP Advanced 2D Design and Drawing.  The class integrates both digital and hand-drawn art.  We explore Susanna's progression as an artist through her portfolio.  The most difficult part for students is coming up with the conceptual ideas behind their artwork.  For Susanna, her concept was portraying life through hands, which after reflecting back happened to be a concept that Susanna actually started as a Junior.   Susanna exemplifies pushing an idea.  Everyone can produce the first six pieces of art for their portfolio, what's difficult is those last pieces.  Susanna has embraced this concept and pushed herself by expressing her own research, use of materials, use of technique, and truly pushed the boundaries of all these ideas.  From her first piece illustrating a baby's tiny hands holding its mother's fingers to a father handing keys to the car over to his teenage daughter, Susanna's ability to show the progression of age in her portfolio is outstanding.  Take a look at the pieces highlighted in the podcast and a few more of Susanna's favorites below.

Mr. Falgares also gets a lesson from Mrs. Sikorski too.  It's not about how much time an artist has taken to produce a piece of art.  Time is not truly a factor when it comes to quality.  It's the idea and how the artist represents their work that matters.
Mrs. Sikorski also made a point to mention that while Susanna's work was highlighted in this episode, she has many other very talented students in her classes and is extremely proud of their work this year.