#7 - Technology Enhancements

We are counting down to the first day of school while announcing the Top 10 ways St. Rose High School is re-opening safely for in-person learning.

#7 - Technology Enhancements in the Classroom

In today's video, Mr. Falgares showcases some of the new technology we are implementing in all of our classrooms to ensure a seamless transition between in-person and virtual learning not only in preparation for our contingency plan but also if we are forced back to a remote arrangement.

These enhancements allow us to, with great confidence, implement the plan of having some students at home and some students in class, learning the same material at the same time.  The reduction of students in our classes will help our efforts to socially distance while continuing to provide the St. Rose High School education.

Check back tomorrow for #6 in our countdown to our re-opening.

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