Our House


     I loved our house. Everything about it. The biggest one on the block where all the neighbors would come for the Fourth of July. The one with the most grand Christmas lights every year. The one with the perfect green lawn that everyone else wanted. It was the ideal house everyone wanted. 

     The house was always quiet, we did not talk that much. My family and I simply just lived there in our beautiful home that everyone was jealous of. We sat at our grand dining table each night eating dinner without any conversation. Each morning we would get ready for school or work and go our separate ways. We did not make much time for each other, but everyone saw us as the perfect family. 

       But then, smoke. The smell of burning and a suffocating coughs. We all ran down the stairs and down to the large entryway of the house.The five of us stood looking at each other as the house filled with thick smoke. My dad swung the door opened and pushed us all out the door. Our neighbors gathered outside with us on the street as we watched the flames break the windows. There we stood. Waiting for the firemen to put out the roaring fire that engulfed our home. There was nothing left. Nothing left but us. The five of us holding hands, standing together.

  • Class of 2020
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