Minds in Nature


The mind wanders like a pack of wolves;

Pouncing on everything in front of it,

It never slows down, never lets up,

But if you can take a moment,

To stop in the middle of it all,

Like a honey bee on a flower’s petal,

You can almost feel time stop and life flourish.

You melt into relaxation, 

Like a daisy, rooted in a sun-soaked field.


You can crawl inside your mind,

Discover the words engraved on the wall;

And know what you truly feel.

You can’t know who you are 

If you never ask, “who am I?’.


The soft glow of  lightning bugs on a starry night,

The chirp of crickets on a lakeshore,

The way the breeze catches the fall leaves,

And even how snow blankets the world in decadence,

Can make us discover the most human emotions

  • Class of 2021
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