I Don’t Know


When I was little, I had my future all figured out.

Where when why and how, not a singular doubt.

Now that it’s impending, and I’m almost eighteen, 

I feel intimidated and scared; I’m no longer watching from behind the scenes.

I’m hoping that one day, I’ll have a revelation,

But right now, I’m stuck, like a train in a station. 

When people ask me what I’ll be, 

I tell them ‘I don’t know’.

I don’t know what I’ll be, all I hope is that I’ll still be me.

I want to have the answers, and know the correct path

But right now I am clueless, and life is happening fast. 

Majors, minors, future career,

All used to be exciting but now they’re my biggest fear.

“It’s okay, you’ll know when it’s time” they say,

I just really hope that the moment will come and stay.

I want to be basic, but I want to be unique. 

I just can’t decide, is it just me? 

In ten years or so, I will give you a better clue,

But right now, when you ask, this is what I’ll tell you,

As blunt as newly fallen snow, 

I simply don’t know.

  • Class of 2020
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