World Language Honor Society Cooking Competition

The World Langauge Honor Society successfully hosted their 2021 Cooking Competition.

Read more about the competition and requirements in this flyer.

We would like to congratulate:

The Top 3 student groups:

CPA Spanish 2

Third place: Sarah Schuld "Paella" a dish from Spain

Second place: Alex Desiderio, "Akwadu" from Equatorial Guinea

First place Maria Testa and Bryce LeMoult ¨Como hacer churros¨ a Spanish recipe


Freshman Honorable Mentions

CPA Spanish 1

Emily Fudge, "Huevos Rancheros, de Mexico"

CPA Spanish 2

Arianna Simon, " Mexican strawberry empanadas"

CPA French 1

Brian McKeon, French onion soup and Boeuf Bourguignon

Watch each video referenced above in its entirety below:



Emily Fudge                                    Adrianna Simon                                Brian McKeon


           Sarah Schuld                               Alex Desiderio                           Maria Testa and Bryce LeMoult