Welcome Back

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend with family and friends; and students, I hope you are getting ready to return to school. We are very excited about the reopening of St. Rose High School. Our administrative and facilities teams have been relentless in providing our students and staff with a safe environment. Our teachers are prepared and anxiously awaiting the beginning of classes.

As you know, approximately 25% of our student body will be attending classes from home each day. However, everyone will follow the same schedule and all classroom rules will be the same for those at home and in the school building. Our school day begins with prayer in Convocation, which will be live-streamed in homerooms and by students at home.

We all will be adhering to strict safety protocols regarding social distancing, the wearing of face coverings, frequently washing hands, cleaning and disinfecting, etc. Collectively, we will exercise responsibility in caring for each other and holding everyone’s safety in high regard.

Please take a moment to review this week’s schedule:

Tuesday, September 8 - Seniors and Juniors only
Seniors report to MAAC and Juniors report to homeroom.

Wednesday, September 9 - Sophomores and Freshmen only
Freshmen report to MAAC and Sophomores report to homeroom.

On September 8 and 9, students will report to school at their regularly scheduled time.  There will be homeroom and a prayer service from 7:51-8:36 a.m. Both days are Anchor Days, meaning students will report to all their classes.

Thursday, September 10 - A Day, Group 1 (A-D) at home for virtual instruction

Friday, September 11 - B Day, Group 2 (E-K) at home for virtual instruction 

Let’s ask for God’s Blessings and pray for a safe, healthy, and successful return to school.

God Bless,

John F. Tonero, Principal