St. Rose High School Expansion



     St. Rose High School has been a cornerstone in Belmar for almost 100 years. Its presence in the heart of Belmar has helped to create and contribute to a vibrant downtown and St. Rose is committed to being an integral part of Belmar’s future. 

      The purchase of the property on the corner of Main Street and Eighth Avenue by St. Rose High School in 2008 was a progressive initiative. The intention was to provide a downstream opportunity to expand in Belmar in a way that ultimately made sense for our students and faculty and would be consistent with the beliefs of our school and parish. Now, the desire of St. Rose High School is to sell the property and enter into a partnership with a builder who shares our vision and who will provide St. Rose with a portion of the premises after the sale.

      St. Rose is excited to collaborate with a partner who shares our commitment to the future and who will partner with St. Rose to create a multi-use building on the corner lot that addresses the growth of our school while improving downtown Belmar.   

     This partnership is the natural continuation of an ongoing capital improvement plan at the Belmar campus. Over the past three years approximately $2.0 million has been invested in science labs, library and classroom improvements, video and information technology infrastructure, fire suppression and floodproofing – all of which were intended to enhance the educational capabilities for our students and staff. 

       As St. Rose High School expands its academic offerings, student and faith initiatives, and enrollment the need for additional learning centers has increased. Continued excellence requires investment in our Science and Arts curriculum, as well as our focus on interdisciplinary offerings through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). These key initiatives drive the need for a learning center with flexible uses.

      St. Rose High School approaches its 100th anniversary in 2023 in a strong position bolstered by the support of loyal alumni and the entire St. Rose Community. Now is the time for St. Rose to be part of a “first” for the community and for our school.

      This past fall St. Rose High School adopted a “Four Day Rotating Drop Schedule”.  The new schedule allows students to take an additional class each year. “Our new schedule has allowed us to expand our curriculum and course offerings.  We have implemented a music program and added electives in Drama, Business, Social Studies and courses through Seton Hall University’s Project Acceleration.  The addition of a Robotics Program next year further increases the demand for additional space,” according to St. Rose Principal, John Tonero.  

     St. Rose has undertaken successful development initiatives including the Century Club, which will help fund further campus upgrades, technology enhancements and faculty program initiatives that complement these improvements as part of the high school’s strategic vision. 

“The investment in St. Rose High School from our loyal alumni and generous friends of the school community has enabled us to provide an outstanding educational environment for our students. Their continued commitments will secure St. Rose’s prominence as an exemplary Catholic school for decades to come,” said Nancy McGaughan, Director of Development.

     A committee comprised of school and parish representatives, coupled with individuals from the St. Rose Community, was instrumental in orchestrating the collaborative initiative to develop the corner lot. Committee Chairperson and St. Rose High School Board Member, Fro Heine recently said, “The students and faculty of St. Rose High School have benefited from numerous upgrades over the recent years, and I am hopeful this project will further enhance our academic offerings while simultaneously improving downtown Belmar.”

     The decision to pursue the sale of the property and a partnership with a developer has been endorsed and encouraged by the Diocese of Trenton. 

St. Rose will be seeking proposals from prospective development partners. A copy of the Request for Proposal is available on the school’s website at 

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