Science Fair 2018

We would like to congratulate our Science Fair winners!

For Anatomy and Physiology

2nd Place-  for Mushu and Mulan - Caitlyn Coyle, and  Andrew Vinca
1st Place- Finger Lickin Good - Jack Chinery, Michael Fullman, and Luke Remail

For Forensic Science

Honorable Mention-  Murder on the Green- Ashley Bock, Emily Brown, Alexandra Bonanno

Honorable Mention- The John Campbell Murders- Meghan Freeman , Alex Nappi

Third Place – Elevator Revenge – Kaylee Apple, Lauren Lithgow

Second Place – Trap Door Tragedy – Jillian Haggerty, Shane Force, Ethan Riozzi-Bodine

First Place – The Phantom of the Theater – Mia Poley and Shane Reilly

For Honors Chemistry

Honorable Mention- Can You Clean that Water- Mary Schuld

Honorable Mention- Natural vs Synthetic Dye- Jillian Visceglia

Honorable Mention- Poisoned Plants- Matthew DeLuca

Honorable Mention- Salt Crystallization- Joseph Perrachio

Third place – Miracle Gro- Yes or No? Emma Coakley

Second place – A Mordant to Dye For – Mercedes Escandon

First place – Micro Plastics- Anna Cahill

For Honors Physics

Bingo- Jamie Bassi, Gianna Chiusano

Honorable Mention-Bubbles - Jackie Ferro, Megan Malaty

Honorable Mention- Knock Knock- Joe Chiusano,John O'Hearn, Connor McKeown

Honorable Mention- The Tipton-Alex Fazzari, Megan Kendall, Brittany Lopes

3rd Place – Alice in Marbleland  - Dara Johnson, Maddy Looney, Madison Kinnevy

2nd place – Super Mario – Katherine Flynn, Mikayla Markham, Erin McDermott, Mia Poley

1st place – Take a Selfie with Rube  -Alexandra Bonnano,  Amanda Herro, Taylor Reilly, Lauren Taylor,

Congratulations to all of our winners!