Meet our 2023 Fall Sports Athletes

Meet our 2023 Fall Sports Athletes

Dear St. Rose Community,

As we gear up for another fantastic year at St. Rose High School, I'm delighted to announce that tomorrow, Friday, September 15, 2023, will be a day filled with excitement and camaraderie. We're all set to kick off the season with our highly anticipated Fall Sports Pep Rally, a spirited event that serves as a tribute to our dedicated Fall Athletes and their exceptional Coaches.

On this special Friday, we'll be following a PM Activity "D" Day Schedule, and we're doubling the fun by designating it as a Purple in the "R" Day School Spirit Day. We invite our Fall Athletes to proudly don their team uniform tops along with their school uniform from the waist down, while all other students and staff are encouraged to show their school spirit on top, pairing it with their school uniform on the bottom. Our school spirit colors of purple and yellow, along with any St. Rose branded apparel, are more than welcome. To ensure you're up-to-date with the schedule, please click here for the PM Activity bell schedule.

As we embark on this exciting start to the school year, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and dedication to St. Rose High School. Your active participation in school events and activities not only enhances the overall experience for everyone but also contributes significantly to the sense of unity and pride that defines our St. Rose community.

Throughout the year, we encourage you to partake in the various athletic and extracurricular events that showcase the incredible talents of our students. Whether it's cheering on our athletes, applauding our artists and musicians, or enjoying the performances of our talented students, your presence matters. These events not only entertain but also help foster a deep sense of community and school spirit.

As we come together to celebrate our athletes and their accomplishments, let's remember the importance of good sportsmanship. Win or lose, our behavior reflects the values and character we uphold at St. Rose High School. Demonstrating respect, integrity, and fairness is an integral part of our journey, both on and off the field. Let us continue to cultivate an environment of positivity and respect that inspires our students to live out our mission, preparing to be dedicated disciples of Christ and future leaders.

Once again, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional support and your contributions to maintaining the tradition of excellence that defines St. Rose High School. Your commitment to our school community is truly remarkable.

Go Roses!

Yours in faith and education,

Mr. Robert Dougherty '05