Happy Thanksgiving and Return to School Reminders

Good Afternoon SRHS Families and Friends,

On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff of St. Rose High School, we wish all of you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  We have all experienced some very difficult and trying times over the last several months, but tomorrow is a day to reflect on everything we need to be thankful for. God is with us and always provides us with whatever it is we need.

Enjoy the holiday season and put safety at the forefront of whatever it is that you choose to do.  We have been very fortunate at St. Rose High School since the beginning of the school year, and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families.  Let’s work together to keep everyone safe and our school open.

We ask everyone to make responsible decisions on behalf of our St. Rose Family.  If you travel during the holidays, upon returning home your child(ren) must quarantine for 14 days.  We are also asking our students and families to refrain from being with large groups.  Making responsible decisions will benefit everyone in our school.

We will ask all our families to complete a safety survey prior to returning to school Monday.  That survey will be emailed on Sunday evening.  Again, enjoy your Thanksgiving, and may God’s blessing be with you all.

Warm Regards,

John F. Tonero. Principal