Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony Guidelines

Hello Seniors and Senior Parents,

We are looking forward to your graduation, and I would like to reflect on the protocol for your special day. As you know, there are many strict guidelines that we must adhere to, but we don’t want anything to detract from the dignity of your commencement ceremony. We want this day to be memorable for you and your family.

As mentioned earlier, the gates at the field complex will open at 4:45 pm and all graduates are to report no later than 5:15 pm. Mr. O’Halloran will send a special message on Friday to all seniors regarding how they will organize prior to the graduation ceremony. Only one car per graduate is allowed, and cars may only have four people, the graduate plus three guests. After stopping at the entrance to the parking area and presenting your graduation tickets and parking pass, the Wall Township Police will guide families to a parking space. Families must remain in their car until an usher greets them and directs them toward the field. Family members will be directed to a table inside the field complex entrance to have their temperature taken. Family members then move to the commencement area to receive their assigned seating location, which will be picked at random. An usher will direct family members to their location. Each assigned seating location will accommodate three family members only. No other persons will be allowed in that area. Your graduation tickets are for your family only. Ticket exchanges between other St. Rose families are not allowed. No seats can be moved from their designated location.  

As per the NJDOE Guidance on Commencement Ceremonies we must assure the following:

  • Sick individuals should not attend. Non-contact thermometers will be used to screen all in attendance. Any person with a temperature exceeding 100.4F will be excluded from the ceremony.

  • Social distancing will be practiced and attendees must remain at least six feet apart at all times, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, and other household members.

  • Face coverings must be worn by all attendees.

  • Sharing or exchanging materials of any kind (diplomas, awards, programs, maps, etc.) poses an increased risk of transmission/spread of COVID-19 and will not be allowed at the graduation ceremony.  

The web-friendly version of our commencement program may be downloaded and printed prior to the graduation ceremony at the following link Graduation packets including diplomas, diploma covers, awards, printed programs, and report cards will be picked up by the graduates at the school on Tuesday, July 7, between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Graduates are expected to be well-groomed and dressed appropriately, consistent with the dignity of a graduation ceremony. Formal pictures will be taken of all graduates and the ceremony will be live-streamed and filmed. Female graduates should wear light-colored dresses and flat-soled shoes, as walking on the sod would be difficult in heels. Young men are to be clean-shaven and their hair must be of appropriate length. Dress shirts and ties are required. Flip-flops and sneakers are prohibited.  

Let’s pray for good weather on Monday and enjoy your weekend.

God Bless,

John Tonero, Principal