Back to School Forms

Well, we did it!  Today was the first day back for our Juniors and Seniors and tomorrow the Freshman and Sophomores will get their orientation to life at St. Rose High School in 2020.  Thank you to all for an incredible first day and kudos to our teachers and faculty for helping to make this transition back to in-person teaching and learning as comfortable and seamless as possible.

In keeping with tradition, it's time for you to complete the Back to School Forms so that we can maintain accurate records for all students.  In the video above, Mr. Falgares walks you through the steps of logging into your "Parent" Powerschool account to complete the forms.

There are two forms:

  1. General Form
  2. Permissions/Agreements Form

Most of the fields will already contain data because you are in PowerSchool.  Please verify and make any necessary changes.  We are asking you to pay special attention to the Contact Module in the form and make the required updates to complete your child's file.

Parents of Juniors and Seniors, there is a special permission relating to leaving campus during lunch/flex period. 

The completion of the forms should take you less than 15 minutes.  Please do your best to have the forms completed by Monday, September 14th.

As a reminder, the forms can only be accessed using your parent account via the web.  Forms are not accessible on a mobile device or with a student login.

We are confident that the integration of forms in PowerSchool and the phasing out of FamilyID will ultimately provide a streamlined experience for our families.  

Welcome Back and I look forward to working with you in some capacity during the 2020-2021 school year.

Respectfully yours,

Dennis Carey

Vice-Principal of Student Affairs & Athletics