2020 International Travel Opportunities

An international travel program gives students the chance to actively engage with the history, cultures, and languages they've only read about in class.  Not only does it motivate them to love learning, it also builds their confidence.  It stretches what they think is possible.  It deepens friendships and builds new ones.  These are experiences that truly shape their futures-and the ones that they'll remember forever.  

That is why, St. Rose High School is sponsoring two international travel experiences during the 2020 school year.

The first trip, to Spain, will be for 8 nights, from April 10-17 (Easter Break).  The second trip, to Paris & Italy, will be for 10 nights, from June 22 - July 1, 2020.

Watch the videos below that introduce both experiences and introduce you to WorldStrides, the company St. Rose is using to coordinate both trips.  Additionally, there are two websites for you to visit, where you can express your initial interest, learn more including pricing and itinerary. 

We look forward to traveling the globe together! 


Madrid to the Sea

April 10-17

Click here to learn more


The Artist Journey

June 22 - July 1

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Use Tour Code:  SIKORSKI-2550

Learn more about WorldStrides