Mr. Tonero letter to Underclassmen


Dear Students and Parents,

Happy Memorial Day!  We hope and pray that all of you are well and continue to remain safe.  We continue to witness something that none of us has ever experienced before.  Again, the hope is that our health and well being continues and our heroes on the front lines are protected as they continue their courageous work.

Again, we want to take the opportunity to congratulate our students and teachers for their successful transition to Virtual Teaching and Learning.  We don’t think that we have missed a beat when it comes to our academics  and we and our colleagues are so proud of everyone at St. Rose High School.  We also want to thank our parents for their patience and assistance during this difficult time and how they have fostered a positive learning experience for their children and our students.

We have now been away from the school building for two months and the school year is winding down.  Our seniors last day of class was May 15th and this past week we honored the graduates during the “Purple Pride Parade” which can be watched on Facebook.  We will also be live streaming the Baccalaureate Mass this Thursday at 6pm and finalizing contingency plans for an in person graduation.  We hope you will join us in celebrating the Class of 2020!  It’s time to look at the remaining weeks of school for our underclassmen.

We used the last snow day to extend our Memorial Day Weekend by declaring Friday, May 22 a school holiday.  Also, as we returned to class early during the Easter Break our school year will end two days early.  Classes for underclassmen will end on Friday June 12.  Also, there will be no final exams for underclassmen and instruction will continue through the last day of class.

Further instructions will follow regarding how books, devices and chargers will be returned to the school. 

Finally, St. Rose High School and other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Trenton are going through the re-accreditation process.  Part of that re-accreditation requires collecting feedback from parents.  Read letter from Superintendent of Schools.

One of the surveys is meant to help understand your experiences and feelings while your child(ren) is remote learning at home. The school’s results will be used to help the school support your child(ren) and family during this time and prepare for the next school year. The surveys are anonymous and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. No individual results will be available. Thank you for your support.

Click here to complete survey # 1                           Click here to complete survey # 2

Keep  up the good work and enjoy the warmer weather.


God Bless,

John Tonero                                                                Timothy O’Halloran

Principal                                                                      Vice Principal for Academics