Spring Break Schedule Change

Good Evening St. Rose Community,

We hope you are doing well in the midst of the difficult circumstances that we are all facing. We are all praying for you and most importantly for your family's health. Thank you for your assistance as we continue to teach your children and afford them the spiritual, academic and emotional support they need in this most unique academic setting.

During the latter part of last week and early this week some parents contacted me and requested that we continue the virtual learning during the planned Easter Break. The request was to give the students and teachers a five-day break and resume classes on the Tuesday after Easter. Parents were concerned about their children being confined at home for an eleven-day period. Their thoughts were that their children's interactions with their teachers and peers during the virtual lessons were very supportive in terms of their socialization. They also thought that the daily lessons gave purpose and meaning to their day. 

We discussed the pros and cons of the traditional Easter Break versus an abbreviated break and the resumption of classes. We thought it was most important to poll the parents in an attempt to do what is in the best interests of our students and teachers. We agreed that an overwhelming majority would be needed for us to alter the planned Easter Break.

We received an overwhelming majority and our school's Easter Break will reflect the overall sentiments of our families. We are also sensitive to the need for a break for our students and teachers. There will be a six-day reprieve from classes beginning on Holy Thursday and ending Tuesday, April 14. Teachers have been advised that the six-day break will be assignment free. Virtual classes will resume on Wednesday, April 15.  Thank you for expressing your thoughts and for all that you do in support of our students and teachers. May God be with all of you during our Easter Season.

God Bless,

John Tonero

School Principal