Century Club

From our storied beginning in 1923, St. Rose has always sought to be a leader in education. From our humble beginning in the Red Brick through the construction of O’Sullivan and Teston hall in the 50s and 60s to the creation of our outdoor athletic facilities in the 90s, we have worked to build a rich tradition of excellence rooted in our mission, but always with an eye for the future. As St. Rose approaches our 100th anniversary it is time to come together. Introducing the Century Club.

The Century Club brings together those individuals and families who want to help St. Rose enter our second century from a position of strength and who want to ensure that the outstanding education provided by St. Rose continues and grows.

The Century Club is an investment in the future of our school and our students. Your investments will allow us to flourish.

We are making our Centennial an occasion to further develop St. Rose’s education for contemporary times, and focus more consciously on preparing students for the 21st century workforce so that they are prepared to meet the ever changing needs of the world community. With vision and mission comes the need for a plan for the future. With many exciting projects ahead, keep your ears and eyes open, and be part of the movement: 100 years are just the beginning!