Project Lead the Way

Our new computer labs inspire innovation!

St. Rose High School introduces our partnership with Project Lead the Way. Beginning this academic year, St. Rose will offer a comprehensive Engineering curriculum to qualified students.

Project Lead the Way benefits:

  • PLTW contributes to a strong, positive impact on mathematics and science achievement
  • PLTW has a positive influence on students’ career interest and likelihood to continue their education
  • PLTW offers a pathway to prepare and motivate students to enter careers in science and engineering
  • A clear strength of the PLTW program is the intensive teacher professional development program Students in all grade levels will be able to involve themselves in our engineering courses.

To begin as a freshman, students must demonstrate high achievement in grammar/middle school math and science courses and achieve an 80 or greater on the math portion of the High School Placement Test (HSPT).

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St. Rose High School allows students to explore engineering and STEM education without sacrificing the liberal arts! Eleanor MacIsaac, Vice Principal

What Are You Making?

That's the question here at St. Rose. The 3D printer is always producing some new creation whether it's an architectural design, a piece of a robot, or something as whimsical as a Christmas ornament; the students of St. Rose are busy designing, innovating and solving problems.


Yes, there are robots, and there are students programming and constructing them, racing and competing with them, and learning about coding at St. Rose.