Graduation Requirements

Becoming a St. Rose Graduate

Academic requirements for admission exist for certain courses at St. Rose High School. No student may take a course without fulfilling these qualifications. Because the school schedules for a school year in the previous spring, the student's first semester marks determine placement for the following year. Placement rests on past performance and, in some cases, standardized testing. See the 2018-19 Course Selection Guide for greater detail and course descriptions.
Graduation Requirements:

Subject Matter Requirement
Religion4 years
English 4 years
Social Studies3 years
Mathematics 4 years
Science3 years
Physical Education/Health/Driver's Education2.5 years
5 semesters
World Language2 years
Fine or Performing Arts1 year
Retreat1 each year
Students must complete 138 credits to graduate. The school year is divided into two semesters. Most classes are full year; however, upper class students may choose among semester electives in English, Business & Technology, Science, Social Studies, Fine and Performing Arts. Upon completion of a full year course, a student earns five high school credits for classes meeting five days a week; and six for lab sciences. Students register for seven courses each semester.

In addition:

  • Elective courses are required for a total of 138 credits in order to graduate.
  • SRHS requires a specific service component as a graduation requirement.
  • College acceptance is required to graduate.
  • Students must register for seven courses each semester.
  • All Seniors must apply and be accepted into college.

*St. Rose High School requires 2 years of a world language but strongly encourages 3 or more.

Scholarship Total for Class of 2018 $25,524,772