Graduation Requirements


Becoming a St. Rose Graduate

Academic requirements for admission exist for certain courses at St. Rose High School. No student may take a course without fulfilling these qualifications. Because the school schedules for a school year in the previous spring, the student's first semester marks determine placement for the following year. Placement rests on past performance and, in some cases, standardized testing. 
Graduation Requirements:

Subject Matter Requirement
Religion 4 years
English 4 years
Social Studies 3 years
Mathematics 4 years
Science 3 years
Physical Education/Health/Driver's Education 2.5 years
5 semesters
World Language 2 years
Fine or Performing Arts 1 year
Retreat 1 each year

The school year is divided into two semesters. Most classes are full year; however, upper class students may choose among semester electives in English, Business & Technology, Science, Social Studies, Fine and Performing Arts. Upon completion of a full year course, a student earns five high school credits for classes meeting five days a week; and six for lab sciences. Students register for seven courses each semester.

In addition:

  • Elective courses are required each year.
  • SRHS requires a specific service component as a graduation requirement.
  • College acceptance is required to graduate.
  • Students must register for seven courses each semester.
  • All Seniors must apply and be accepted into college.

*St. Rose High School requires 2 years of a world language but strongly encourages 3 or more.



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