Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

St. Rose High School provides a Catholic education based upon Gospel values and academic excellence. Founded by the Parish community of St. Rose Church and nurtured by the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph, a St. Rose education instills a spirit of unity with God and others while preparing our students to be disciples of Christ and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Philosophy & Core Values

Our Philosophy & Core Values

St. Rose High School welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and talents. Our students are educated in their Catholic and civic responsibilities and challenged to preserve the dignity of all human life.

Fostering the development of each student’s vocational potential, a St. Rose education integrates our Catholic faith, academic excellence, creative expression, the expectations of physical and emotional maturity, and technological competence into the lives of our students. The focus of this integration is to develop a global consciousness in order to meet the ever changing needs of the world community.

Our philosophy is lived out through the core values we hold.

Centered on the Person of Jesus

St. Rose fosters a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and communal witness to the Gospel message through

  • The celebration of Eucharistic liturgy and daily prayer
  • Class retreats, faculty retreat days, and the Kairos retreat program
  • Service initiatives that benefit our dear neighbor, especially the poor and marginalized

Distinguished by Excellence

St. Rose is centered on academic excellence with a global consciousness to promote intellectual discipline and growth through

  • A variety of placements which include college preparatory, honors and Advanced Placement
  • Ongoing assessment
  • A variety of academic clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Class and field trips

Committed to educate the whole student

St. Rose establishes a Catholic faith foundation as the basis of educating the whole child from diverse populations through the integration of

  • Faith formation, service, and ministry
  • Academic and cross-curricular programs
  • Technological proficiency
  • Extra-curricular activities that include the fine and performing arts, academic and student-interest clubs, and athletics

Steeped in Gospel Vision

St. Rose educates young men and women within the Gospel values to enhance their worldviews, prepare them for professional life, and equip them with the tools of responsible decision-making through programs and activities that develop

  • The desire to seek wisdom and truth
  • Social consciousness and awareness
  • Moral wisdom and the distinction of right and wrong
  • Respect for life in all forms and stages
  • Knowledge to globally integrate and practice what is learned in the classroom as they prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow

Sustained by a Gospel Witness

St. Rose employs faculty who are committed to supporting and implementing the Catholic mission and philosophy of the school. In collaboration with parents, the first teachers of their children, the administration, faculty, staff, and coaches create a nurturing community is which they

  • Serve as role models of Christ to the students
  • Practice ethical codes of conduct and behavior
  • Contribute to the school’s catholic identity
  • Integrate catholic beliefs in all areas of the curriculum
  • Encourage the spiritual, religious, emotional, and social growth of each community member

A Brief History

The Parish of St. Rose and the Sisters of Saint Joseph founded St. Rose High School in 1923 under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Trenton. The school began in what all fondly refer to as "the red brick," a two story building on 8th Avenue & E Street. Read More

The Sisters of St. Joseph

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia trace their origins and spirit to six women who came together in 1650 in war-ravaged LePuy, France, with great desires for union with God, among themselves and with their neighbors. Encouraged and aided by Jesuit Jean Pierre Medaille, they were among the first to create religious life for women outside cloister. Read More