Principal's Office

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

In the brief period of time that I have been at St. Rose High School I have gained a tremendous admiration for the wonderful history, tradition and reputation that St. Rose has earned over the last nine decades. I am proud to be part of a high school whose priority is the spiritual growth and well- being of all members of the school community. I am so impressed with the culture of the school and the friendly, respectful, appreciative students who interact in such a caring way amongst themselves and the staff. The demeanor of the students is truly indicative of the loving and caring families who choose to send their children to St. Rose High School.

I am delighted with the dedication of the staff and their effectiveness can be measured by the academic success of the students. The scholarships earned by the graduates and the esteemed colleges and universities they are attending truly reflect the quality of instruction throughout the disciplines. The school building is pristine and the recent renovations, construction and enhanced technology are the result of the dedication of the St. Rose team. Our cohesive administrative team at St. Rose effectively supports the success of our students and staff.

Our students continue to learn beyond the classroom. This year, two Activity Days per month have been added to our school calendar. There are a multitude of clubs and activities that our students can join that will enable them to gain an appreciation for whatever their interests may be and whatever might intrigue them.

Our Athletic Department offers 22 varsity sports and many junior varsity and freshman teams. Our athletes not only learn their respective sport and enhance their skill levels but they gain an appreciation for hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and the meaning of integrity. Our dedicated coaches instill in our athletes values that will lead to their success throughout their lives. The banners hanging in our gym proudly represent the success of our athletic teams throughout the years.

May God bless our students, staff, alumni and friends!


Mr. O'Halloran, Interim Principal