Board of Limited Jurisdiction

The St. Rose Board is leading the way for St. Rose by creating a Strategic Plan which will direct St. Rose through the next 3 to 5 years. The Strategic Plan incorporate goals and initiatives in the focus areas of academics, athletics, extracurriculars, technology, enrollment, and development as well as the incorporation of a Campus Master Plan which will detail the improvements needed for the St. Rose campus. Working with specific sub-committees dedicated to these focus areas, board members and members of the St. Rose community came together to put forth a working document that is all-encompassing, and which will lay out the guidelines needed to assure that St. Rose High School remains a leader in Catholic education.


John O’Malley P '13, '15, '17, Chairman


Fr. Edward Arnister

John Dalton '00

Mathew Durkin 1983  P 22

Judith Jackson Harms '87 P '17, '19, '20

Francis Heine ’80 P ’08, ’11, ‘17

Thomas Mullooly

Sarah O'Connor

Karan Taylor P '16

David Valiaveedan P ’15, '21

Stephen Westhoven '86 P '15, '16, '22


"We have assembled a passionate and committed team and we look forward to developing a Strategic Plan which will position St. Rose for continued success for years to come.” John O'Malley, Chairman

The Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning can be a daunting task. The 2017-2022 plan was over a year in the making. It springs from our effort to think deeply about a fundamental question:

What is the source of value in a St. Rose education?

By examining our strengths and the areas we need to improve, the leadership of St. Rose with input from the entire community, has produced a plan focusing on the priorities we feel are vital to that value and to our continued success.

The Board and leadership of the school are confident in the distinctive character of St. Rose, the value of our students’ educational experience, and the road ahead. We hope the direction presented here will inspire you as well.

The St. Rose Strategic Plan