Transfer Students

Application Procedures

Complete a St. Rose High School Application

The entire application should be filled out completely and submitted with a $50 non-refundable application fee. Call the Admissions Office at (732) 681-2858 extension 305 for details.

Submit grades and test scores

Students should submit to the Admissions Office three consecutive years of grades as well as any standardized test scores that were received during those three years.

Send cover letter

The student seeking admission submits a cover letter along with the application explaining the desire for transfer.

Schedule an Interview

St. Rose High School does not accept transfer students for the current school year after February 1 of that academic year. SRHS does not accept transfer students into the senior class unless the student has recently moved into the area. Evidence of a change of address must be provided. Transfer students coming from another Catholic high school must submit a letter from their current school indicating that they have no outstanding financial obligations to that school before their application will be reviewed

After the application has been completed and received, the student and his or her parents should contact the Admissions Office to schedule an interview and to discuss the status of a possible transfer.